Read on to know how you can prevent hair fall using Ayurvedic remedies!

Ayurvedic treatments are the best ones to treat any health-related problem. Healthy and lustrous hair is the most desirable feature for a person, be it female or male. Read on to know about some effective Ayurvedic solutions for hair regrowth and to prevent excessive hair fall.


Bhringraj reverses balding, prevents premature greying, and promotes hair growth if it is applied on the scalp.


Consuming amla fruit or boiling amla in water and then applying it on the scalp can significantly improve scalp health as it helps to prevent dandruff and control hair fall.


Neem extract can be applied to the scalp to strengthen roots, improve blood circulation, treat dandruff, and prevent hair loss.


Soapnut or ritha can be boiled in water and then if applied on to the scalp it promotes hair growth, improves hair texture, and make your hair lustrous.


Boiled extract of shikakai with water is an effective hair cleanser that also helps to reduce dandruff and condition your tresses.


This Ayurvedic medicine prevents hair loss, improves scalp blood circulations, controls dandruff, and results in hair growth.


Brahmi is widely used to strengthen hair, promote hair growth, make the hair lustrous, reduce dandruff, prevents split ends, and get thick shiny tresses.


Muskroot is really effective to purify the blood and improve blood circulation that eventually boosts hair growth.


Boil methi in water and then apply this extract on your scalp to prevent hair fall and boost scalp health.

Aloe Vera

Apply Aloe Vera gel on your scalp to prevent hair fall and improve hair growth.