Herbs have been used since ages to impart an amazing flavor and aroma to the cooking preparations and as medicines. Here are some of the vital benefits of using herbs.

Herbs are added for their exotic flavor and to enhance taste of the dish. Apart from their usage in cooking, herbs have also been used as an alternative medicine or natural medicine in many civilizations. Here are 10 ways in which these aromatic plants may benefit us.

Improves psychological health. Herbs such as rosemary benefits our cognitive health as it improves memory and protects against the development of Alzheimer’s. A few other herbs such as sage has a soothing effect and can fight depression as inhaling its fragrance relieves stress and treats emotional problems.

Reduces cancer risk. Parsley contains apigenin that reduces the risk of growth of cancerous cell and tumor in the body. Apigenin also helps to block the formation of new blood vessels that may feed the growing tumor.

Improves bowel movement. Consuming peppermint is beneficial to manage the irregular bowel movement as it reduces the pain sensing fibers in colon.

Anti inflammatory property. Most of the herbs such as oregano etc. contains anti inflammatory components that can relieve joint inflammation and minimizes swelling.

Improves immunity. Thyme is particularly loaded with antioxidant compound and is a wonderful ingredient that adds some good quality nutrients to your preparations. Anise combats various problems such as cough, cold, loss of appetite, nausea, and stomach upset, as it contains phenylpropanoids that actively fights bacteria and improves immunity.

Cardiovascular health. Basil leaves have strong anti inflammatory and antioxidant property that is vital to maintain the blood pressure, manage blood glucose, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and manage various other cardiovascular complications.

Treat allergies. Herbs such as oregano contains an enzyme beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP) and thyme contains thymol that possess anti bacterial and anti fungal properties that fights allergies, food borne infections and various other diseases. Mixed herb tea is a wonderful way to sip on an array of herbs that fight the onset of cough and cold.

Relieves pain. Continuous consumption of herbs such as curcumin, peppermint, and sage are associated with reduced pain and body aches, including the menstrual pain.

Healthy hair and skin. Herbal teas possess anti fungal and anti bacterial benefits that prevents the scalp from contacting fungal growth and controls dandruff. Other herbs such as oregano, peppermint, and thyme also have antiseptic and anti bacterial properties that prevents acne and reduces acne marks, thus, making your skin radiant and clear.

Healthy bones. Herbs also reduce joint inflammation and the high calcium content present in parsley and basil is beneficial for dental health as well.