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10 Best Healthy Snacks To Enjoy On Movie Night

What is a fun movie night without delicious snacks? Yes, that includes even when you're on a diet. Like health experts constantly advise, being on a weight loss journey doesn't mean that you can't enjoy yourself. Below, we have outlined 10 tasty snacks that will make the perfect accompaniment for when you want to binge your favourite shows.

By Cookist

As fall emerges, we all yearn to stay away from the cold weather and what better way to spend that than cuddled on your couch while enjoying trendy movies and shows.

Admittedly, binging movies and shows can quickly become unhealthy as you get addicted and easily overeat. This is why it is best advised that you make your movie snacks healthy options; remember, even healthy snacks can be very enjoyable! Here are ten you can start with:

Roasted green bean fries and creamy dipping sauce

Toss green beans with your favorite spices and coconut oil then roast to make a healthy substitute for French fries. These are tasty despite being low calories; and what better way to load up on your daily protein needs? Enjoy this snack with a creamy dipping sauce made using sour cream or non-fat plain Greek yogurt.

Homemade apple chips


For a sweet treat, make some apple chips. All you have to do is thinly slice some apples and then season lightly, based on your preferences. You may also choose to leave the apple slices as is. These are so addictive that you won't believe they're also good for your health!

Salt and vinegar zucchini chips


If you love salt and vinegar potato chips, then you'll certainly love this healthy version that uses zucchini. Aside from providing the health benefits that are commonly linked to zucchins, it is a low-calorie meal, about 110 calories less than the potato chips!

Baked cucumber chips

Cucumbers are known for being hydrating and nutritious but have you tried roasting them to make a delicious movie snack? Slice the cucumbers into thin pieces and season with spices, or just plain salt and vinegar. Bake until crisp and serve — take as many servings as you want!

Chili and lime popcorn in coconut oil

Popcorn is the signature snack for movies and it doesn't have to be otherwise when you're on a diet. Simply make the popcorn using healthy oils and seasonings. This recipe requires you to pop the corn in coconut oil and then toss them with chili pepper and lime juice for a savory flavor. You may also choose to pop the kernels in a microwave to avoid using oil.

Peanut butter fruit dip


Make a fruit bowl with your favorite fruits to enjoy with this peanut butter dip. All you need is vanilla Greek yogurt and peanut butter; it might just become an everyday favorite.

Frozen blueberry yogurt bites

Give yourself a sweet treat with these frozen blueberry yogurt bites. Don't worry, a dozen bites adds up to a mere 38 calories, so you can even take a second serving guilt-free!

Healthy baked broccoli tots


Broccoli has a high fiber and vitamin C content alongside other notable nutritional benefits. These broccoli tots are baked instead of fried, making them lower in fat. You'll also be assured of their quality as they'll be made at home and with quality ingredients.

Crispy kale chips


This recipe is a fun way to acquire your vegetable needs. One bunch of kale to make four servings, which packs about 84 calories per serving. This is another dish you can enjoy as many times as you want.

Classic hummus


Last but not least is hummus known for being highly proteinous and so very nutritious and beneficial for weight loss. You can pair the hummus with raw vegetables like carrots for a healthier way to make it even more filling.


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