Are you tired of eating popcorn during movie night? Ditch it and go for the more unique ones like truffles, cheese sticks, and many others, as outlined below.

1. Chocolates with candied fruit and nuts

These chocolate candies are a delicious mix of chocolate, dried fruits, and nuts. They'll sure keep you busy during that movie.

2. Puff pastry sticks

These finger foods are not only perfect for movie night. They make great finger foods at parties. Even better, they take less than 30 minutes to prepare!

3. Sweet potato chips

Do you have too many sweet potatoes in your pantry? Slice them into thin sections and fry to make a delicious snack for your movie night.

4. Pizza croissants

This suggestion is particularly for pizza lovers; to prepare, spread out the pastry dough, add any sauce, meat, or veggies of your choice, and roll into the croissant shape. Bake for about 30 minutes, and you'll have a yummy batch of movie snacks.

5. Tuna & cheese puff sticks

The sticks are made up of smoked tuna and parmesan sticks, then covered with seed and spices. Bake until they are puffed and golden.

6. Chocolate chips puff pastry sticks

These pastry sticks are crunchy and yet slightly gooey, so they'll keep your mouth busy while you enjoy a movie. They are typically made of chocolate and almond puff sticks, but you can add a special twist by adding your favorite ingredients.

7. Almond and hazelnut chocolate fudge

If you love chocolate and would prefer sweet treats instead of spicy and savory, this smooth and soft chocolate fudge is just right for you!

8. Creamy avocado hummus & oatmeal crackers

This hummus is uniquely made by blending avocado with chickpeas. The hummus is paired with oatmeal crackers for a savory experience. This snack is healthy and yet filling thanks to its high protein content.

9. Honey & coconut granola bars

Another healthy snack for your movie night is a bowl of homemade honey and coconut granola bars. These are very easy to prepare and can last very long if properly stored.

10. White chocolate coconut truffles

Last but not least is white chocolate coconut truffles, which spell out luxury. Paired with a bowl of warm coffee, these truffles make for a delicious eating experience that will convince you to watch movies at home more.

Do you have a favorite on the list?