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10 diet-related facts about Taylor Swift

Here are a few details on how this megastar approaches food to maintain her fab bod!

By Cookist

Read on to know the eating habits of one of the most popular stars of this planet!

Taylor Swift needs no introduction. She is famous not only for her singing abilities but also for taking a stand for many social causes. Here are a few details on how this megastar approaches food to maintain her fab bod!

Eat balanced


Swift usually eats yogurts, salad, and healthy sandwiches throughout the week. It is only during the weekends that she sometimes indulges in sugary dessert and cheeseburgers.

Drink water

She drinks plenty of water, like about 10 bottles of water in a day.

Loves orange juice


Taylor Swift has to have a glass of orange juice with breakfast. Given her love for eating healthy, we hope that it is the freshly squeezed one that she has.

Hummus is her most loved snack

This protein and fiber-rich dip is her all-time favorite which she stocks in her fridge all the time.

She enjoys Starbucks


She loves to drink coffee and skinny caramel latte is her most favorite beverage.

She loves desserts

She enjoys homemade stuff and bakes pumpkin bread, ginger molasses cookies, and chai sugar cookies. She also loves to stock cookie dough and cinnamon roll just in case she craves any freshly baked dessert.

Includes chia seeds


Swift has taken the help of chia seeds to stay slim. She usually adds these healthy seeds to her smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, veggies, curries, and even rice.

She loves a high-protein breakfast

This popular singer enjoys buckwheat crepes with ham and parmesan cheese for her breakfast. This combination is usually served with a fried egg.

She loves grilled food


Taylor loves to grill practically all kinds of food, right from chicken with different marinades, carrots, garlic green beans, broccoli, and even burgers.

She loves chicken tenders

She is in deep love with chicken and fried food but it is only because of the compulsion to eat healthy that she has to hold back.

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