Just because you eat something when you get up doesn’t mean it’s classed as a healthy breakfast. If you’re eating the wrong foods to start your day with, you could be setting yourself up for failure later on.

So what foods should you be avoiding at breakfast time?

1. Low Fiber Cereal

You probably already know that those sugary breakfast cereals aren’t a great choice nutrition-wise, but it’s not just the sugar content that’s the problem. These cereals tend to be low in fiber and high in carbs, so it won’t keep you full, and you’ll be looking for something to eat before lunchtime.

2. Low-Fat Yogurt

homemade greek yogurt

A lot of low-fat yogurts are low in calories but high in sweeteners and chemicals, especially the flavored kind. Choose plain Greek yogurt instead, as the protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and it doesn’t have any added sugar.

3. Store-Bought Smoothies

Smoothies might seem like a healthy choice, but they’re full of added sugar, and some even contain ice cream or full-fat milk. If you really want a smoothie, make one at home using Greek yogurt for protein.

4. Bagels

Did you know that most bagels contain the equivalent of four or more slices of white bread? That’s a lot of carbs in one go! You don’t have to give bagels up completely, just choose the whole grain kind and top with avocado or peanut butter.

5. Pancakes

Pancakes are beautiful, but they usually contain refined, white carbs, and if you’re topping them with syrup made from corn syrup, you could well end up having a major sugar crash.

You don’t have to go without your pancakes, just top them with all-natural maple syrup and try making pancakes with Greek yogurt for extra protein.

6. Granola Bars

granola bars

If you are often in a hurry, you may like to eat granola or protein bars in your car on the way to work, but it’s time for a rethink. Many of these bars are filled with sugar and chemicals, and could cause an energy crash.

7. Juice

If you changed out your smoothie for a juice instead, you may be feeling virtuous – but hold it right there. Juice is a good way to get in extra greens, but it isn’t a solid, filing breakfast. If you don’t get enough protein, you’ll be hungry later on.

8. Granola

Granola is a breakfast favorite of many people, but it isn’t a healthier choice than cereal, due to a lot of them containing a lot of added sugar. They’re also quite high in calories, and don’t contain a lot of protein. Top your yogurt with raw nuts instead.

9. Breakfast Sandwich

montecristo sandwich

The occasional takeout breakfast sandwich from the drive-thru is ok, but try not to make this a habit. There’s protein in there, but it’s also greasy, processed, fried and put between two carb-filled buns, so you’ll be hungry again sooner than you should be.

10. Breakfast Pastries

Donuts, Danish pastries, Pop Tarts – sadly they’re all on the banned breakfast list. They’re made with refined white flour, and contain a lot of sugar that can cause your blood sugar to spike.