Are your problems the extra pounds? Here are 10 herbs that help you lose weight and fight swelling.

Herbs can be a panacea for your silhouette and they can help you calm the sense of hunger, and there is more: some herbs are in fact able to dissolve fats and eliminate the gases in your body. Here are 10 herbs that you can no longer do without!

1. Guarana: a panacea for eliminating excess water retention, guarana is perfect for combating cellulite and orange peel skin. Also useful in cases where you binge due to emotional causes such as stress and melancholy: guarana actually helps you eliminate stress and therefore it controls emotional hunger.

2. Celery: celery helps drain excess fluids and soothe hunger. Perfect to be eaten fresh during meals or to nibble as a snack, with celery you can also prepare decoctions with its leaves, which will also help your digestion.

3. Angelica: useful for stimulating proper digestion, even the slowest one, angelica is a panacea for those suffering from weight gain due to menopause. This herb also fights abdominal bloating and it can be taken either in tablet form or through an infusion.

4. Green tea: it is known as one of the most effective slimming herbs in the world and it is very useful to deflate the abdomen and burn fats. This particular type of tea stimulates the metabolism and it is therefore also perfect for breakfast.

5. Laminaria: if your weight gain is due to a malfunction of the thyroid gland, the laminaria can help you fight the extra pounds.

6. Burdock: a plant with a purifying and slimming power, perfect for those who want an impeccable silhouette. Thanks to the purifying action, it eliminates excess liquid and their stagnation.

7. Coriander: often used also in the kitchen, coriander is perfect to favor digestion, but above all to eliminate intestinal gases and the consequent abdominal swelling, reducing cramps in the abdomen.

8. Ephedra: it stimulates the metabolism, which works faster and burns fat faster. It fights excess fat by giving energy to the body.

9. Evening primrose: it is found in the form of pearl oil, very useful to counteract the retention that can also lead to abdominal swelling. This plant also counteracts hormonal changes.

10. Rhodiola: plant with a slimming action, it transforms the "bad" fats into "good" fats used to produce energy. In this way the excess fat is burned and the weight decreases.