Read on to know how you can lose 2 pounds a week by following these easy tricks!

Losing weight slowly but steadily is a sure way to attain a healthy frame. When it comes to weight loss consistency is the key both in terms of eating and being physically active. Here are 10 simple ways that can help to create a calorie deficit of 500 to 1000 calories each day and assist in weight loss.

Morning cleanse

Swap your breakfast and midmorning snack for 2 servings of fresh sweet greens and lemon juice served at Starbucks. Avoid consuming starch for lunch and dinner and get a little active while watching TV in the evening.


Don’t make any excuse and choose fat-burning cardio exercises to lose a good chunk of calories every day. Skip sweets and instead eat a green leafy food preparation to increase the calorie deficit of that particular day.

Play with the pet

Walk your pooch for a good 1 hour and then eat a light dinner and a healthy fruit-based dessert (only if it is craved badly).

Stay indoors on Saturday

It is best to cook something healthy at home and then call your friends over on Saturdays. You can also order something healthy, or better still carry your healthy food to the outing (if possible). Skipping the booze can give another boost to your weight loss plan. However, you can continue to party hard by dancing for the longest time to burn those stubborn calories.

Walk the miles

If you are eating the required number of calories based on our basal metabolic rate then you need to add about 5 miles of walk throughout the day to reach a deficit of 500 calories each day. You can also start by cleaning up the house to utilize time wisely and tone-up your muscles.

Drink water

Consume plenty of water throughout the day and skip the soda, sugary coffee or tea, sugary juices, and other beverages that are loaded with calories.

Play with the kids

If you have kids at home then there is no better way to burn a large sum of calories by enjoying some fun time with them by playing at the park.

Snack smart

Snacking is one meal which ruins the calorie count for most of us. It is best to stick to regular meal times and snack on a small portion of any fruit, vegetable, or low-calorie beverage to maintain the calorie intake in a day.

Enjoy smoothies

Healthy smoothies are a great way to fill you up and nourish your body without having to consume too many calories. Enjoy a delicious mix of fruits, vegetables, and proteins for a wholesome nutritious and filling meal-replacing smoothie.

Eat less

Whenever in doubt just simply limit your portion size. This attitude can help to maintain the consistency of a weight loss diet.