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How to lose 5 kg in a week: the diet to lose weight in a short time

Try to follow a series of tips from nutrition and fitness experts to lose weight without suffering hunger!

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Do you want to lose 5 kg in a week without too many sacrifices? Try to follow a series of tips from nutrition and fitness experts to lose weight without suffering hunger!

Keep fit

Thinking of losing 5 kg in a week following a diet means fasting or hazarding dangerous diets that can make us feel ill. The best is to follow a program with some tips to follow for at least 7 days in order to burn excess fats without jeopardizing health. It will be enough to be constant and make some small renunciations but without making too many sacrifices. Let's see how!


How to lose 5 kg in a week: practical tips to try for seven days

Here are a series of suggestions that will help you lose weight in a week, you just need to follow them consistently every day to get the desired results: you will gradually feel lighter and you will want to continue.

Drink water and avoid alcohol and energy drinks


The first thing to do to lose 5 kg in a week is to drink lots of water avoiding beer, alcohol in general but also shakes and energy drinks, not to mention the so-called light drinks: they all contain around 100 calories but do not satisfy our appetite. It is better to drink only water that will also help you lose excess fluids and speed up your metabolism.

Yes Food and No Food


No foods: during this week, eliminate wheat-based foods such as bread and white rice, pasta and pizza, foods that can favor the formation of gas, creating abdominal bloating. Furthermore, these simple carbohydrates are quickly assimilated by the body so as to stimulate the sense of hunger that will lead us to eat again. Also avoid desserts at the end of a meal or during the day, a small sacrifice that will allow you not to ingest excess calories.

Yes foods: therefore, just prefer wholemeal flour products and eat two or three portions of vegetables every day without exceeding with salt and oil: for seasoning, prefer vinegar and spices. Complex carbohydrates and vegetables give a greater sense of satiety thus making us eat less and, in addition, the water contained in the vegetables helps us against water retention. For lunch or dinner, just prefer a portion of fresh salmon that will help your muscle tone: prepare it stewed or baked and match it with a nice plate of salad, or cook it in a pan with cherry tomatoes and olives.

Choose the right workout and do 30 minutes of cardio-activity a day


A healthy and targeted workout should never be missed, especially during this week.

Fat-burning cardio-activity: to burn fat choose a cardio-routine to do every day for at least 30 minutes: a morning jog, or a spinning course, kickboxing, but you can also choose between a mat and an exercise bike. The important thing is to be constant and work at least half an hour a day to burn about 300 calories as well as firming the whole body. Before the morning workout, treat yourself to a cup of coffee that will give you more energy to tackle the activity.

Stretching to sculpt the muscles: in your workout, you can also insert exercises to sculpt the muscles: the ideal is stretching, make at least 3 sets of 10 each day. We are talking about lunges: standing, hands on hips keeping your chest and back straight, take a step forward with your right leg and flex your left knee so that it almost touches the ground. Then lift the heel from the ground and give it leap to return to the starting position. For the progress lunge do the lunge step but, instead of returning to the starting position, go ahead alternating the two legs.

Squat to increase muscle mass: to train the lower part: abdominals, legs and glutes and to increase muscle mass perform 3 sets of 10 squats. Better to do the exercise in front of the mirror keeping your back straight: spread your legs so that your feet are in line with your shoulders and bend your knees, then climb back up. Rest for a minute between sets.

Adopt small daily tips

Then there are other tips to follow, little tips that will help you lose weight.

Sleep half an hour more every night: to lose weight, it is also important to rest well: allow yourself half an hour extra of sleep each night, maybe going to bed a little earlier, not only it will make you feel better but it will prevent you from sugar falling which makes you wake up hungry in the morning and, also, a sleep of at least 7 hours will do your metabolism good, also improving muscle tone.


Have sex every night: no excuses or headaches: sex is good for the mood as it promotes the release of endorphins making us feel more relaxed, but it also helps burn calories: around 140 in 30 minutes. Maybe you can try the Kamafitness which, combined with restful sleep, is truly the best for your figure.

Small tips to eliminate tummy and swelling: every day try to spend some time standing, stand up straight with your shoulders back: it will help you to eliminate the tummy and assume a correct posture. In addition, to eliminate the annoying belly swelling, take a daily vegetable charcoal tablet that you can buy at the pharmacy: it is very good if you are subject to the formation of intestinal gas. It will help you have a flat stomach.

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