Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to stumble upon a diet plan which will help you shed as much as 20 pounds accidentally? This is a true tale of someone who has hypoglycemia and was actually not intending to lose weight. Yet, that person ended up losing such a hefty amount of excess body weight by eating right. Read on to know more about this diet.

A woman was struggling with frequent episodes of hypoglycemia and thus adjusted her diet to treat this issue. However, she was surprised that cutting down of certain foods also helped her lose as much as 20 pounds in a month’s time. In order to relieve the symptoms of hypoglycemia, she managed her diet with healthy eating habits. Here is an insight in to her accidental diet plan.

The woman practiced yoga and exercised regularly, not intending to lose weight but to switch to a healthier lifestyle. However, she was a curvy lady all along her adult years. Because of a hectic work schedule, she would go without eating for long hours and her energy levels would drop significantly, which affected her decision making ability, turn up her emotional quotient and make her panic for no good reason.

All of this used to happen to her before she turned to healthy eating. After regular consultations with a practicing naturopath, she came to know that upon consuming refined sugar or simple carbohydrates her energy level would hit rock bottom as it led to over production of insulin and extreme sugar sensitivity.

So, she bid good bye to all sorts of bread, pasta, and sugar from her diet. She also dropped the idea of consuming all kinds of stimulants, depressants, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages as it would affect her blood sugar levels. She started to include fish and meat protein in all meals along with a healthy serving of cooked greens, and healthy fats. For snacks, she had almonds, nut butter, and cashews… something way too similar to the Paleo diet!

With all these restrictions, she did not control the amount of food she had. In fact, she was eating something or the other constantly and a lot too. And, even after taking second helpings she was able to lose 20 pounds, after completely cutting down the sugars and refined carbs.

Eating healthy impacted her body positively and her confidence, energy level, and mood all were better placed than before.

So, instead of starving yourself and blindly eating unpalatable food preparations, go for the diet plan that makes you happy and enhances your health status.