You'll be surprised to find that many celebrities have made a notable breakthrough into the food and wine industry. Our list is mainly concerned with the celebrity-owned wine brands. The long list includes Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Post Malone, and many more others!

1. Michael Jordan: Cincoro Tequila

The Cincoro Tequila is a wine line-up that is the product of Michael Jordan's partnership with his close associates. The tequila boasts of an authentic flavor that combines complexity and a creamy smoothness when tasted.

2. Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar: Santo Fino Blanco Tequila

Guy Fieri is a notable figure in the food industry and a very savvy entrepreneur at that too. So, It is not surprising to find him on this list. He co-owns Santo Fino Blanco Tequila with his rockstar pal, Sammy Hagar. The tequila is made with Blue Weber Agave from Jalisco, Mexico, and is a unique combination of white pepper, citrus aroma, and a hint of smoky mezcal.

3. Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power: Avaline

Avaline is yet another wine line that is co-owned by celebrity friends. This time, it is renowned actress Cameron Diaz and entrepreneur Katherine Power. The pair put a unique twist on wine production with white wine and a rosé that are vegan-friendly, made with organic grapes, and free of unnecessary additives. It is also affordable!

4. Martha Stewart: Martha Stewart Wine Company

No one quite does it like Martha Stewart in the food industry. The stellar cook and entertainer owns an eponymous wine brand. Believe it or not, Stewart tastes and curates every wine to help consumers help pair bottles with favorite meals or moments.

5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: Teremana Tequila

Dwayne Johnson is an enigma in the film industry, and he's also making waves in wine-making, albeit on a low. The Teremana brand is a line of tequilas that has signature notes of oak and vanilla. The brand is especially close to Dwayne's heart and his choice of name, Teremana, which combines two words that are meaningful to him (Tere from the Latin "terra" meaning earth and Mana the Polynesian word meaning spirit), shows that.

6. Bob Dylan: Heaven's Door Whiskey

Bob Dylan created Heaven's Door Whiskey intending to create a collection of small-batch American whiskeys that would tell a story. The wine brand is now one of America's finest, having won numerous awards.

7. Kate Hudson: King St. Vodka

Kate Hudson's King St. Vodka is named after her home in New York City. The award-winning star set out to make a notable impression in the spirits industry and set the part for other interested women. The brand boasts numerous achievements like being gluten-free, made of alkaline water, and being carefully distilled seven times in small batches.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker: Invivo X

The famous "Sex and the City" star collaborates with Invivo, an acclaimed wine company in New Zealand. Nowadays, she is concerned with naming the wines and designing the labels.

10. Post Malone: Maison No. 9

Maison No. 9 is one of the "Take What You Want" singer's top achievements. Malone has accrued the inspiration for the wine brand to his love for a classic rosé and his love of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

11. Nick Jonas: Villa One

Last but not least is Nick Jonas' Villa One, which is the product of his partnership with fashion designer John Varvatos. Villa One is still relatively new on the market, but that doesn't make it any less deserving of praise. The tequila boasts of premium quality thanks to being made from well-matured blue weber agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico's highland and lowland regions.