13 ways to naturally heal knee pain

Here are 13 ways to naturally alleviate knee pain.

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Read on to know how you can naturally heal your painful knees!

Painful knees are the worst news for people of any age group. In recent times, the problem of painful knees is no longer restricted to old age as many young people are also complaining of the same issue owing to an unhealthy lifestyle. Here are 13 ways to naturally alleviate knee pain.



Being physically active and exercising regularly helps to maintain bone health. However, in case you are already tending to painful knees then you can try out certain exercises, only after consulting a physician, to find relief from this pain. Exercises such as stand leg lifts, standup-sitdown, standing kickbacks, hamstring stretch, seated leg cross, swimming, cycling, elliptical training, and yoga can be tried to relieve knee pain.


Try to lose a few pounds as increased body weight can trouble knees. Eating organic and whole foods along with anti-inflammatory food products, such as green leafy vegetables, beets, celery, carrot, broccoli, apple, blueberry, pineapple, salmon, tuna, bone broth, and honey is highly beneficial to relieve knee pain.

Hot and cold therapy


Use hot and cold therapy to relieve stiff knees and subside knee pain.

Willow bark

People with arthritis can find relief after using willow bark. However, avoid using it if you are allergic to aspirin or taking blood thinning medicines.

Ginger extract


It offers anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce stiffness in the knee joints.


Massage the painful knees to improve blood circulation in that region and find relief from knee pain.

Essential oils


Using ginger, cinnamon, sesame, and mastic oil to massage painful knees are highly beneficial.


Acupuncture can be tried as a non-invasive way to find relief from knee pain and improve mobility.

CBD oil


Cannabis oil is an effective remedy for joint pain as it offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

Tai chi

This form of physical therapy is a great way to relieve osteoarthritic knee pain.

Foam rolling


This has been studied to highly benefit knee pain as it helps to increase flexibility, loosen muscles, and support knee joints.

Herbs and spices

Turmeric, rosemary, black pepper, bone broth, etc. can be supplemented into the diet to reduce inflammation and heal joint pains.

Good foot wear


People with knee pain should not wear high heels, sandals, boat shoes, boots, or crocs as they lack good foot support.

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