The menstrual cycle is always accompanied by a series of pains and annoyances that sometimes become really unbearable. To reduce belly cramps, however, it is possible to resort to a series of natural remedies: let's find out what they are.

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The menstrual cycle is a blood loss that occurs every month in women who are of childbearing age and it is usually accompanied by a series of ailments and pains that can be really bothersome and unbearable. Belly cramps, in particular, appear at the onset of menstruation and in some cases they are so strong that they can be compared to the pains of childbirth. They occur intermittently with a very high frequency because the uterus, being a muscle, generates a very intense pain when it contracts. Fortunately, there are countless remedies to combat similar annoyances. But those who want to avoid the use of drugs, painkillers and chemicals can focus on something more natural. Let's find out what are the "grandma's remedies" to minimize the annoyances that appear with the arrival of the menstrual cycle.

Grandma's remedies to reduce the pains of the menstrual cycle

1. Herbal teas – Herbal teas are 100% natural and, taking advantage of the healing properties of plants, relieve menstrual pains and a sense of swelling, giving an immediate feeling of well-being. The best ones are based on chamomile, raspberry, ginger, cinnamon and mallow.

2. Footbath – A footbath can also be used to reduce menstrual cramps. Just dissolve two tablespoons of mustard powder or, alternatively, other spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, in a basin of hot water and put your feet inside for at least half an hour to obtain excellent results. At the end of the footbath, the feet can be massaged with aloe vera gel, so as to prolong the feeling of relaxation.

3. Essential oils – Essential oils capable of relieving menstrual pains are those of lavender, chamomile, marjoram and geranium. It is possible to use them to massage your feet, legs and abdomen, thus reducing pain and a sense of fatigue.

4. Aromatherapy – Essential oils can also be used to practice aromatherapy, a perfect remedy to combat the pains of the menstrual cycle in a natural way. A very good thing is to also use a burner with a few drops of the selected essential oil in order to spread the fragrance throughout the house.

5. Shea butter ointment – Also an ointment based on shea butter with which to massage the abdomen is able to alleviate the pains of the menstrual cycle. To prepare it, it is necessary to dissolve 50 grams of shea butter in a bain-marie and add a tablespoon of oleolite or macerated oil of calendula, or 10 drops of calendula essential oil. After mixing well, then pour everything into a tightly sealed glass jar.

6. Calendula oleolite – Calendula oleolite is prepared with 50 grams of dried calendula flowers and 250 milliliters of cold pressed extra virgin olive or sunflower oil. After mixing the two products in a glass jar, keep them a dark place for two weeks, remembering to stir the jar once a day. At this point, you can filter the oil and use it to massage the abdomen. Menstrual pains will thus be naturally alleviated.

7. Bath salts – Bath salts can be used for a relaxing bath or a footbath. They can also be made at home using coarse salt and lavender essential oil. By keeping the product in tightly closed glass jars, it can also be used in the following months.