We all have been using honey to sweeten our food preparations. Here are some very interesting ways to include the benefits of honey in the day to day activities!

Honey is a natural ingredient that possesses very powerful properties. Read on to know some of the unusual ways to use honey that will certainly leave you spellbound!

For lips. Create an all-natural lip balm at your home without having to shell out a hefty amount. Just mix some almond oil, beeswax, and organic honey together to enjoy the benefits of this personalized lip balm that is as good as the branded ones.

As a moisturizer. Add 8oz. of warm liquid honey over 1 tablespoon equivalent of fresh lavender or vanilla beans and then seal this mixture in a bottle for a week. Add a teaspoon of this mixture in 8oz. of unscented lotion and then use this sweet smelling moisturizing lotion on your hands and face.

Enjoy as a snack. For the quickest yet very classy snack, just put a slab of goat cheese in a ramekin and top it up with some honey and walnuts, bake it until both honey and cheese are soft. Serve this quick dip with some crackers or sections of baguette.

For throat. Add some honey to the tea, or any other hot beverage to heal a sore throat.

Salad. Add honey to any salad dressing to give the salad preparation a touch of sweetness and some lovely gloss.

Enhance beauty. Honey is powered by antimicrobial properties and is a natural humectant. So, mere massaging your face with honey will make your skin soft and supple.

Energy booster. Instead of opting for energy bars, have a spoonful of honey to boost the athletic performance. Add it to your morning tea as well to get rid of morning blues.

Heal tummy. Drink a blend of honey, vinegar, and water to enjoy a parasite free life.

Antiseptic. Honey has antibacterial properties and can be used to effectively treat wounds and burns.

Hangover remedy. Enjoy honey over the toast and in tea to speed up the metabolism of alcohol and get rid of the hangover.

Skin dryness. Rub some honey on the dry patches of your skin and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off with water to get rid of dryness and scratchy skin patches.

Skin softener. Honey is a natural exfoliator and can be used as an excellent face scrub if mixed with some ground almond and lemon juice.

For frizzy hair. Apply some honey on hair ends or over frizzy hair to get a well-managed look and make the hair shinier.


Body relaxer. Add some honey to the bath for supple and softer skin.

Weight loss. Honey is a wonderful sugar substitute that is also beneficial in speeding up the metabolism. But, use honey in moderation for it to assist in weight loss.