Maintaining body weight to appear slim and fit is desirable by both men and women. Over eating is the first thing that people associate with weight gain, but there are many other factors related to food intake. Sometimes, it is the quantity of food eaten, other times, it is the quality of ingredients consumed, and most often, it is the amount of physical activity performed, which results in shaping up of our current body frame. We find new studies and articles about the field of nutrition practically every other day in the newspaper, or social media, which has become the more popular way of staying updated with the current news. Read on to know what the recent studies have revealed regarding weight maintenance and obesity.

‘Cut down on calorie intake’ is the loudest shout and most frequent advice all of us get whenever we seek opinion to help us lose excess body weight. However, there are many factors involved in this. Timing of the meal, quality of ingredient, the quantity of the food consumed, and the status of social interaction while eating all of these significantly impact our overall calories intake. Here are some points that can help you lose weight while dining alone!

The study

According to the recent research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people tend to cut down on their daily food intake if eating alone. This means eating socially can increase your food intake to as much as 48% than when eating alone.

Findings of the study

This study helped to put forth a reality that we were ignoring for a long time. Eating in a social setting, with family and friends, makes it an enjoyable experience as we get to interact with our loved ones and bond socially.

The result

This study bought forth the concept of ‘social facilitation,’ which means eating more in the company of family and friends. By bringing forward this aspect of human nature, this study clearly defined that the tendency to eat more when eating socially occurs only when people are well acquainted with each other.

Further analysis

Upon further analysis of this study, it was found that people tend to eat less when eating alone. By eating smaller portions, they eat more consciously and try to give out a positive impression on the onlookers or people sitting nearby.