Traditionally, people consume lemon water not only as a refreshing beverage, but sipping on hot lemon water has also been popularized by many to assist in weight loss. Of all the sacrifices and difficulties we face to trigger weight loss, this one seems to be the easiest and most cost-effective. But, many people don’t bother to check the facts and just blindly follow what their ‘well-wishers’ suggest to them. Read on to know about the truth behind the role of consuming lemon water to assist in weight loss.

Lemon water is a very versatile beverage that can be consumed practically any time of the day, depending upon the purpose for which it is consumed.

We all must be well aware of the ‘supposedly’ first rule of weight loss, which is to consume hot lemon water first thing in the morning. This is one piece of advice that every person happens to know about, even though they might not know about how this magical drink is supposed to benefit us.

Here we are debunking the truth regarding the effectiveness of consuming lemon water to lose weight.

The experts

Consuming fresh lemon juice in water cannot result in actual weight loss. But, if this plain drink is used as a healthy replacement for other calorie-rich and sugary beverages, then it may gradually help to reach the desired weight goal. Keeping ourselves hydrated by drinking plain lemon water can indirectly help in weight loss as we sometimes misinterpret thirst as untimely hunger pangs.

The study

According to a study conducted on rats, polyphenols present in lemon juice can stimulate the liver to burn fat. This study was published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, and it leaves the desire to prove his notion after conducting the same on humans.

The verdict

Lemon water is most effective in reducing bloating as it acts as a slow diuretic. But, it may not be of great help in case you perceive it to be a magic drink to help slim you down.

The tip

Keeping weight loss aside, be aware of your health condition such as heartburn and GERD before infusing lemon juice in your glass of water.