Here are 4 reasons why you should include the spiced variation of tea in your regular diet!

Chai for the western population is synonymous with the spicy Indian tea preparation, which is also known as masala chai. Even a simple cup of tea offers various health benefits and has a great potential to enhance your health. Read on to know how consuming tea regularly can benefit your health.

Improves heart health. There are studies which support the role of Indian milky tea with a blend of spices in improving heart health. Cinnamon present in the chai tea can lower the blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol levels in the body. Black tea leaves used to make the chai tea are also beneficial in lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood. 4 to 5 cups of black tea per day is also associated with slightly low blood pressure levels and a lower risk of heart problems.

Reduce blood sugar levels. Presence of ginger and cinnamon in the unsweetened chai tea may reduce insulin resistance and fasting blood glucose levels. This effect is most prominent if the chai tea is prepared by yourself instead of using store bought tea bags.

Improves digestion. Chai tea may have an anti-nausea effect on our body, especially in pregnant ladies, because of the presence of ginger in it. This hot beverage also contains cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves, all of which offer anti-bacterial property and prevents digestive problems.

Helps to lose weight. Chai tea may promote fat loss and prevent weight gain as it is prepared using protein rich cow milk or soy milk. So, chai tea is slightly more effective than other variety of teas to reduce hunger pangs. Also, black pepper used to prepare it has been studied on animals to prevent the accumulation of fat.