Read on to know about the correct ways to enjoy the health benefits of 5 common foods!

All of us eat food, primarily, to curb hunger and enjoy their nutritional benefits. However, we are not eating some of these foods in the aptest manner, which can deteriorate their nutritional quality. Here is how you must savor 5 of the commonly eaten foods to enjoy them in the best way possible.


Steaming is the best method of cooking for vegetables as it helps to retain the precious cancer-fighting nutrients. The worst way to cook this colorful food group is by either microwaving or boiling them. Steaming involves cooking the veggies at a gentle heat, which doesn’t destroy the enzyme myrosinase. This enzyme is of great significance as it is required to release the potent anti-cancer compounds present in vegetables and myrosinase is usually destroyed by other cooking methods.


These berries should be eaten whole and not sliced, as upon cutting them the high vitamin C content of strawberries gets lost on being exposed to oxygen and light.



We must always drink red wine from a freshly opened bottle as decanting it results in the breakdown of polyphenols and organic acids, both of which are beneficial for our health.


Tomatoes should ideally be eaten cooked and not raw as heating tomatoes help to significantly increase its lycopene level. Cooking tomatoes in olive oil is even more beneficial as lycopene is a fat-soluble compound and offers potent antioxidant benefits, which can treat and prevent many health problems.

Frozen foods

Many people perceive only fresh foods to be healthy, but according to a team of researchers, a majority of frozen fruits and vegetables contain higher antioxidant (vitamin A, vitamin C, and polyphenols) content than the fresh produce. This is because frozen goods are picked at the prime of their ripeness when they are loaded with more nutrients.