Did you know that you can take advantage of the benefits of turmeric even every day? In a very simple way you can insert this precious food in your diet by adding it to your dishes and more. Let’s see how!

Turmeric is a spice with many beneficial properties: it is anti-tumor, antioxidant, and it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Along with ginger, it also provides an important detoxifying action, purifying the liver and releasing the organism from toxins. Turmeric is also an excellent ally for those who want to lose weight: it stimulates the metabolism and reduces the assimilation of sugars. The recommended daily dose for turmeric powder is about 3 grams per day, which is equivalent to a teaspoon. So why not consume it every day to take advantage of all its beneficial properties?

How to consume turmeric every day

Given all the benefits of turmeric, we can introduce it in our diet in a very simple way, adding it to dishes but also using its precious oil. Here are the 5 ways to take turmeric every day.

Turmeric in smoothies

You can add turmeric to homemade smoothies: you can prepare a smoothie with a banana, an apple and a pineapple, then add a teaspoon of turmeric and a glass of milk. Drink it after leaving it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. A turmeric smoothie can be preserved for a maximum of 1 day.

Turmeric herbal tea

The morning on an empty stomach or in the evening, before going to bed, are the best times to consume an excellent herbal tea and, if you use turmeric, can also become an excellent remedy in case of cough or cold as well as having beneficial effects on all the organism. To prepare a cup of herbal tea you will need 5 grams of fresh turmeric (rhizome) or 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. If you use the rhizome boil it for 5 minutes with water, if you use the powder, add it later. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and then pour it into the cup.


The curry is a mixture of spices typical of India and Pakistan useful to give an aromatic and particular flavor to our dishes. Turmeric is one of the main ingredients of the curry along with other spices, including: cumin seeds, ginger, cloves and coriander seeds. One of the best known and appreciated recipes is chicken curry, a very tasty recipe, excellent for an exotic dinner.

Turmeric based dishes

To fully enjoy all the aroma of this spice you can also prepare a risotto with turmeric, a simple and very tasty recipe. To prepare it you need: 400 grams of rice, 50 grams of spreadable cheese, 1 tablespoon of turmeric, 1 leek, 500 ml of vegetable broth, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley. Cut the leek and brown it in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, then add the rice and toast it. Then add the vegetable broth and cook for 15 minutes. Then add the turmeric and mix well, adding more broth if necessary. Finish with the addition of salt, pepper and spreadable cheese, mixing well. Add a little parsley before serving. As a variant you can also add vegetables to rice.

Turmeric oil

Oil is a food that we use every day to season our dishes, so when we can not use turmeric powder in the kitchen, we can take advantage of its benefits through oil. Preparing it is very simple, just add to 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil 3 teaspoons of turmeric powder, and let it macerate for a week stirring the jar once a day. When you reach the eighth day, pour it all into a dark bottle and do not move the turmeric deposited on the bottom. You can then use oil to season salads and to prepare your recipes.