Read on to know about the signs of dehydration!

We all are well aware of the health benefits associated with keeping ourselves hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day helps to keep our skin and hair healthy. Apart from that, a well-hydrated body gives an ideal platform for vital physiological functions.

We lose water through sweat, pee, vomit, stools, and breath, which makes keeping our body hydrated imperative to maintain good health. Also, people with diabetes are at an increased risk for dehydration. Here are certain signs of dehydration that you must never ignore.

Bad breath


Dehydration can prevent the body to make enough saliva, which can result in bacterial growth in the mouth. As saliva has antibacterial properties, staying well hydrated helps to defend our body against these harmful microorganisms.

Dry skin

Dehydration results in dryness of the skin and upon pinching dehydrated skin remains “tented” for a slightly longer duration than usual.

Muscle cramps

When muscles are used to perform laborious jobs in a hot environment, they tend to lose plenty of electrolytes from our body, which can result in muscular cramps. One can experience muscular cramps in winters as well if the body stays dehydrated in the cold weather.


Fever can make our body dehydrated so make sure to hydrate yourself well in this situation. Also, be more cautious in case fever is accompanied by vomiting and watery stools.

Craving desserts

You may be blaming that strong urge to eat something sweet to your sweet tooth but actually, dehydration is the culprit. As the body gets dehydrated, it becomes difficult for the liver to release glycogen and maintain the blood glucose levels in our body.


Dehydration can result in a localized headache or it can even trigger migraine in some individuals. So, chug a glass of water first thing to manage sudden headaches. Do visit a doctor in case you find no relief even after drinking sufficient water.