Berries are way too tempting when you see them on the fruit aisle so instead of denying yourself the pleasures of eating them, discover the best ways you can keep them fresh for long — we saved the best for last!

1. Rinsed and stored on paper towels

This method is the least efficient on this least and is therefore recommended for when you don't plan to keep your berries for more than one week. All you have to do is rinse the berries, transfer them to a container lined with paper towels and then place in the fridge.

  • Pros

It requires little effortYour berries will be ready to eat anytime you need them!

  • Cons

The berries may go bad quickly because they were not properly dried before storage.

2. Stored in an airtight glass jar

The next method is the common practice of storing the berries in an airtight glass jar. All you have to do is transfer the fresh berries, unwashed, into a glass jar, making sure that it is tightly lidded vefkre placing in the fridge.

  • Pros

This method will keep your berries fresh for about two weeks.

  • Cons

Getting the berries out of the jar can be difficult.The berries at the bottom of the jar tend to spoil quickly because of moisture buildup over time.

3. Unrinsed and stored on paper towels

Apparently, drying your berries before storage makes ALL the difference! This method is a modification of the least efficient on this list but it works surprisingly well.

All you have to do is sort the unrinsed berries, transfer them into a container lined with paper towels, and then stash them in your fridge. This way, the paper towel is able to collect the little moisture that may be released from the berries, keeping them fresh for even longer.

  • Pros

Keeps the berries fresher for longerPrevents mushiness

  • Cons

Still wouldn't keep the berries for longer than a few weeks.

4. Sorted and placed back in their original carton

We're now down to the top two methods; this particular method will not only keep the berries fresh for long, it is also very easy to do.

You simply have to sort the berries, discarding any that may already show signs of spoilage. Then, return the berries back to their original carton and place them in the fridge. Easy peasy right?

This method works so well because the berries remain unrinsed and also because their original container is simply the best for them!

  • Pros

Easy to doBest if you're in a hurryKeeps the berries fresh for at least three weeks

5. Freezing Berries

Freezing your berries will keep them fresh for the longest periods of time. However, you may not be able to enjoy raw bites as they will turn mushy on fully defrosting. Instead, you can use them to make a smoothie or yogurt bowl.

To freeze your berries, first rinse them under cool running water then transfer them into ziploc bags.m to be stashed into your freezer.

  • Pros

Berries will remain fresh for the longest period of time.

  • Cons

Berries turn mushy after defrosting

6. Preserving the berries with sugar and then freezing

Another effective way of storing your berries is making them into candied syrup. To do this, hull the berries and, if you'd prefer, cut them into halves. Then, you're ready to make the packs.

For each quart of prepared strawberries, add ¾ cup of sugar and mix gently until the sugar has mostly dissolved, about 15 minutes. Transfer the berries into a sterilized, leaving the appropriate headspace, and freeze.

  • Pros

Berries are always fresh and ready for use if properly freezed.

  • Cons

Takes too much time to do

7. Soaked in a vinegar solution and dried in a salad spinner

Experts report that the best way to keep your berries fresh is soaking it in a vinegar solution and then drying it. The vinegar solution should be made with 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water.

After rinsing the berries in the solution, transfer them to a salad spinner lined with paper towels to completely get rid of the moisture. Once dried, place the strawberries in a paper towel-lined container, loosely place the lid on (do not seal it), and pop them in the fridge.

  • Pros

This will keep your berries fresh the longestPrevents mushiness

  • Cons

Takes too much time to do.


Never hull your berries before storing them; it'll only quicken the rotting process.Sort your berries before storage.Make sure the berries are totally dry before stashing them awaySoak the berries in a vinegar-water solution to extend their shelf life.