When we find the mandarin oranges in the supermarket, it means that winter and Christmas time have arrived. Often there are many mandarin oranges with rich nourishing properties suitable for adults and children. We can find mandarin oranges both with seeds and without seeds. The mandarin oranges without seeds will have more juice and will be appreciated by all those people who hate to eliminate seeds from inside the mandarin oranges. However, one of the qualities of this fruit is its sweet taste that is liked by everyone. It belongs to the same family of the pomelo and of the very good cedar.

Unlike the oranges, pomelo, grapefruit and cedar, the mandarin oranges are really "sweet" without the bad taste that can annoy some people because of the bitterness of the "citrate" fruits. The fruit has Chinese origins and today the best varieties of mandarin oranges come from our beloved Sicily. We can also find the clementine variety which is always a mandarin orange but with a more acidulous flavor than the real mandarin orange that is sweeter. Below I will take you to the discovery of the 7 best properties of mandarin oranges for the human body.

1) Mandarin oranges are rich in Vitamin C: Like other fruits of these kind, mandarin oranges are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is capable of increasing the production of collagen, the connective protein in human beings. Collagen increases the response of our immune system against external agents especially during the winter season. Vitamin C is also a very powerful antioxidant capable of limiting and blocking free radicals responsible for DNA damage.

2) Mandarin oranges are rich in potassium: Mandarins are naturally rich in "potassium" mineral salt, one of the mineral salts that contributes to the relaxation of blood vessels and limits cramps. The potassium content is really high for this reason, this fruit should never be missing from our tables. Thanks to the potassium content the heart will work efficiently and synergistically with magnesium, and these two mineral salts will reduce stress and muscle pain.

3) Mandarin oranges make skin luminous: One of the major qualities of mandarin oranges is about skin. The fruit seems to be able to give "luminosity" and healthy color to our skin, that is the largest organ in the human body. This brightness is given by the presence of vitamin C and the presence of vitamin A. Vitamin A is very useful for your skin because this vitamin can stimulate the skin tissues and speed up the reconstruction. Beyond that, vitamin A in mandarin oranges has anti-aging properties that are essential to protect you from various skin problems like wrinkles. So, if you want to look younger than the age you have, eat more mandarin oranges.

4) Mandarin oranges fight the cramps: As said before, thanks to the high content of potassium and magnesium, mandarin oranges will keep away the muscle cramps that can wake you up at night especially if they get to your calves and feet. Potassium is able to relax the nerves and muscles while maintaining an excellent blood circulation. It regulates the content of liquids in the body, it decreases the excess sodium, and it contributes to the functioning of nerve cells and helps to reduce high blood pressure.

5) Mandarin oranges can help your intestinal regularity: Thanks to the precious fiber content, that is easily visible thanks to the "white skin", the mandarin oranges can speed up the intestinal transit while keeping your intestine "clean". As you well know, fibers are not digested by our stomach but are considered excellent "scavengers". The more intestinal regularity is, the better you will feel in perfect physical shape.

6) Mandarin oranges are perfect liver allies: Mandarin oranges, as well as other citrus fruits, are able to increase the response of our liver in eliminating toxins in our body. Many studies suggest that mandarin oranges can purify the blood. They help in eliminating uric acid from our body through urine.

7) Mandarin oranges are very good to prevent cancer: Mandarin oranges contain some substances called "limonoids". These organic substances are mainly present in the seeds and therefore, in the version with seeds. Some scientific research enhances their preventive properties against cancer. The highest concentration of limonoids is found above all in the lemon.

Conclusions: Mandarin oranges can be easily peeled, unlike oranges. Their peel has a very delicate scent and some people prefer to rub the peel on their hands to ensure that the fragrance of the mandarin never abandons them. Mandarin oranges are also very appreciated when a fruit salad is prepared such as, for example, with mandarin oranges, grapefruits, normal oranges, red oranges and cedars because of their "sweetness" that blends perfectly in a “sour” culinary combination. It is advisable to buy only completely organic and guaranteed mandarin oranges, even better if coming from Sicily. Lately, we can often see mandarin oranges coming from China and it is possible that the cross-use of different pesticides that are used in the Asian country may not guarantee all the benefits of the fruit described in this article.