Here are 7 reasons on why it is vital for all of us to include garlic bulbs in our diet regularly!

Garlic is known to offer various health benefits, besides making every day meals extremely flavorful. Read on to know about 7 marvelous ways in which garlic helps us to stay healthy.

As a performance enhancer. According to history, Olympic athletes, sailors, soldiers, and even the pyramid building population of Egypt were fed garlic as it is considered to be a performance enhancer for men, and increases the work or exercising capacity of individuals.

Fights microorganisms. Garlic is potent against bacteria, virus, and even parasites. It helps to fight cold and significantly shortens its severity. It is rich in nutrients that boost our immunity and thus is a powerful ingredient to be used in the diet regularly.

Protects against heavy metals. Garlic is beneficial against the damage caused by the heavy metals in our system, such as lead and mercury. These metals are known to damage organs, brain, and can even cause death. In fact, garlic has been studied to significantly reduce side effects of lead in people working at car battery plants. However, you must be cautious about the dose of garlic you give to infants.


Lower body fat. Regular intake of garlic has been seen to lower the “bad” or LDL cholesterol without affecting the “good” or HDL cholesterol levels. Even during the ancient times, garlic has been believed to cleanse the arteries.

Protects the heart. Garlic is known to lower the blood pressure levels as effectively as any prescribed drug. The good thing is that garlic is equally effective whether it is taken as such or as a powdered supplement. The aged supplement is also quite effective without leaving a bad mouth and body odor. Similarly, people with low blood pressure must be cautious about their intake of garlic as it can drop the blood pressure too much.

Benefits mental health. Garlic is loaded with antioxidants and is vital in eradicating the free radicals. It is also beneficial to lower the risk of dementia, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Lowers blood sugar. Garlic is powerful in lowering the blood sugar levels. So, people with diabetes should be cautious regarding its intake as consuming too much garlic while taking sugar lowering medication may drop the blood sugar levels too much.