If you don’t have a standard tub of plain yoghurt in your fridge, you could be missing out. Yoghurt is extremely versatile – eat it for breakfast, use it in cooking or baked goods, or even in desserts! If you don’t regularly use yoghurt, then read on to find out why you should go out and buy a tub of yoghurt today!

Get ready to look at your neglected tub of yoghurt with new eyes. We have a few useful facts that will get you excited about using this popular dairy product!

It makes for a quick breakfast

Yoghurt is a great source of protein and calcium, but lacks fiber. To make it a complete meal, add fruit, cereal, and nuts. You can also use it as a base to make smoothies.

The difference between natural yoghurt and Greek yoghurt

You might have wondered what the difference is between natural and Greek yoghurt, and it’s actually quite simple. Natural yoghurt is simply milk that has been cultured by microorganisms. Greek yoghurt has been strained. This process removes the whey, thus making the yoghurt thicker and higher in fat content.

Full-fat is superior

For many years we’ve been told that full-fat anything is bad, but luckily this has changed. Full-fat yoghurt has a better texture, flavor, and is often lower in sugar than the low-fat versions! Of course, this does not give one license to overindulge in it, but rather, it removes the excuse for using it in the first place.

It makes a wonderful marinade

The acidic nature of yoghurt means it’s quite effective as a marinade. Next time you’re cooking, combine yoghurt with a bit of lemon juice and curry powder. Roast the marinated meat (together with the yoghurt sauce) in the oven and enjoy!

Guilt-free treats made easy

Making your own frozen yoghurt is actually quite easy. Blend yoghurt together with different kinds of fruits and flavorings to make the fro-yo of your choice. For something fruity, combine yoghurt with fresh fruits and coconut milk. Another option is to use yoghurt, banana, peanut butter, and cocoa powder. Pop it in the freezer for a while, and enjoy whenever you want. Delicious and healthy!

Replacement in baking

Try a healthier version of your favorite baked goods by replacing butter or oil in the recipe with yoghurt. Not only does it make your bakes moist, the acidity also acts like a leavening agent (meaning your cake will rise easier!).

Cool the fire

Next time your mouth is on fire after having a curry, try having some yoghurt. The milk proteins in yoghurt (also found in milk) binds to capsaicin, preventing it from reaching your mouth’s pain receptors.