Read on to know about 8 herbs and spices that you can plant during fall!

Many people prefer to buy herbs and spices rather than consider growing them at home. Herbs and spices grown at home are better flavored and incredibly healthy than the store-bought kind. Here are 8 herbs and spices that you can easily grow at home during the fall season.


With a distinctive fragrance and ability to purify the home, sage is the best pick to be grown at home during the fall season as it requires very little maintenance.


It is a great ingredient that can both heal and nourish our body. You can easily grow ginger both indoors and outdoors and it is a very versatile ingredient that is added to Asian dishes.


It is a low maintenance plant and offers a relaxing aroma and antiseptic properties.


This ancient spice has numerous health benefits. You can plant small turmeric bulb an inch or 2 deep into the soil and then wait for it to grow.


Cilantro grows well in well-drained and moist soil. Grow it in your garden lawn to enhance your food preparations in no time.


Cumin seeds are harvested during fall. Grow cumin at your home garden to improve digestion and prevent diabetes.


This hardy winter plant requires well-drained soil to grow.


It is made from the skin of bell peppers after drying the peppers in a dehydrator.