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8 precautions to take while serving your guests

Here are 8 things that we must be cautious about while serving our guests.

By Cookist

Read on to know about 8 goof-ups that you may make while serving the food to your guests!

Many of us love to host our family and friends for dinner. Celebrations or not, it is always great to have guests coming over and serve them a delectable feast, show your culinary skills, and socialize over good food. However, we tend to make some mistakes while serving food to them. Here are 8 things that we must be cautious about while serving our guests.

Incorrect touching of cutlery and utensils

Never touch the surface of utensils or cutlery from the surface where food is to be eaten. Only touch the handles or base of the plates and glasses to prevent any off-putting reaction from the guests.


Serving yourself first

No matter how hungry you are, it is important to serve your guests first as a matter of respect and courtesy.

Not serving correct cutlery


Have proper and separate serving spoons for each food preparation so that it becomes easier for the host or yourself to plate the food comfortably.


Showing love by force-feeding the guests may seem impolite to some as well.

Keeping it simple


It is best to limit the menu and not serve the guests a buffet to prevent them from getting confused and kill their appetite.

Serve water

Make sure that the water is placed nearby and along with the food served.


Creating clutter

Make sure your house, particularly the kitchen and the dining area is tidy and the crockery should be placed neatly at the serving area.

Cooking your preferences

Consider the likes, dislikes, food allergies, and preferences of your guests while planning the menu.

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