You Can Order Food During The Coronavirus Pandemic But Adhere To These Precautions

Are you currently self-quarantined because of COVID-19? Are you worried about buying takeouts or having food delivered to your home? Then, this is just for you. If you didn't already know, yes, you can order food! To, however, ensure that you remain safe while doing so, make sure to follow these precautions.

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First off, staying self-quarantined has been advised by health researchers as it prevents the spread of coronavirus. So if you are doing that, kudos!

Next, it is essential to note that the Food and Drugs Administration has published that:

"No evidence of food or food packaging has been associated with the transmission of COVID-19."

However, eating takeouts can't be as safe as cooking food yourself, so here are a few recommendations from scientists when you do so.

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly


The importance of practicing good hand hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic cannot be overemphasized.

Experts share that there is a small chance of contracting the coronavirus from plastic bags used to packaged food that is delivered. So, wash your hands before and after collecting deliveries.

If you pick it up at a restaurant, wash your hands before and after doing so. Most importantly, wash your hands before and after eating.

The use of utensils may help to limit your chances of getting infected when you don't wash your hands, but remember, prevention is better than cure – and COVID-19 doesn't even have one!

2. Consider Contactless Delivery


Much like it is termed, this involves getting your food delivered without coming into contact with the delivery driver. This means you will have them drop it at your door, thus limiting the chances of contracting the coronavirus, which is said to be airborne.

If you're going to order takeout that will require you to go into a restaurant, you can consider a cashless or mobile payment option, so you eliminate any form of contact there too.

3. Wipe Down Surfaces You Eat On


Before setting out food, clean the surface of your table with an alcohol-based disinfectant that will surely wipe off germs of any kind. Afterward, do the same.

Also, avoid placing the packaging bags of the food delivered on your tables. It is best advised that you dispose of them immediately after removing the food.

You can never be too careful!

4. Consider What You're Ordering


During the pandemic, it is best advised that you should not order for raw foods like salads, sushi, etc.

This is because such foods have higher chances of harboring germs like the COVID because they have not gone through the heating process that other foods have.

5. Support Local Businesses


Coronavirus has dealt the economy a blow with many social sites like amusement parks, bars, and nightclubs restaurants being shut down to encourage social distancing.

This is why many restaurants have adopted the food delivery model to keep their business running. So, yeah, support food businesses in your locality by ordering takeouts.

Like the typical practice, if the food preparation is hygienic, you are not at risk of catching any disease.
The primary reason for the ban on eating in restaurants is that you can contract COVID-19 by being near infected persons, and touching surfaces that have the virus.

If you follow the precautions listed above for when you order takeouts, then you will be safe.

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