Here is a list of 9 ways to use eggs, which you might not be aware of.

Eggs are one of the most loved breakfast food and are also an integral part of various other food preparations. It is sometimes hard to believe how people would have managed to bake all those gazillion preparations without this delicate food. Each part of the egg can be used separately or together to create what not. Read on to know about some alternative ways to use eggs.

As a face mask. White of the egg can be whisked with a little water to create an all-natural face mask. This mask can be used to reduce the puffiness on the face and reduce the presence of fine lines.

As a glue. Egg whites become quite sticky upon drying and can be used as an alternative to glue together some of the not so heavy objects such as light cardboard or paper.

To clean the leather. Egg white is sticky in nature and can be used to clean the leather products. So, just rub some white of the egg on to the bags or shoes and wipe it off after a while with a clean cloth. The egg white will leave a protective layer that will cover the leather product it was applied upon.

For biscuit decorations. Mix egg yolk with some water and food color to use it as an edible paint for making pretty biscuit decorations.

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As a hair conditioner. Mix an egg yolk with some olive oil and apply this mixture on to your hair for 20 minutes. Rinse and then shampoo to find soft and shiny hair.

As a fertilizer. Add crushed egg shells to your plants to increase the calcium content of the soil and make the soil rich and fertile. Adding this crumbled egg shell mixture to plants also helps to deter the presence of slugs and snails as they are repelled by the roughness of soil because of the sharp bits of egg shells. You can also enhance the nutrients of the plant by adding the water used for poaching or boiling the eggs.

Seed holder. Fill the empty cavity of egg shells after use with some soil and add a few seeds in it. The nutrients in the egg shell will help to grow tiny plants, which you can later transfer in to bigger pots.


Utensils cleaner. Add the crushed bits of egg shells to the soapy water and use this mixture as a natural abrasive to clean the pots and pans.

Fabric whitener. Add clean egg shells in to a cotton bag and add it to the washing machine along with the laundry to whiten the whites.