9 home remedies to treat swollen feet

Read on to know about 5 really effective ways to reduce swelling of the feet.

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Read on to know about 9 home solutions to reduce and cure swelling on your feet.

Edema and swelling in feet is a result of fluid retention that is indicative of various health conditions. While one must consult a medical professional to know about the cause of this condition, there are some really simple ways to cure swollen feet at home itself. Read on to know about 5 really effective ways to reduce swelling of the feet.

Rock salt


Add some rock salt to a bucket of lukewarm water and soak your feet in it. This can be done twice a day or until the swelling subsides. Try to source rock salt only as it is the purest form of salt and gives much better result than the regular salt.

Grapefruit essential oil

Add some grapefruit essential oil in a warm bath or a bucket of lukewarm water and soak your feet in it. The antioxidative property of grapefruit will help to both reduce the swelling and pain of the feet. Grapefruit essential oil also offers diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial to reduce swelling in the body or feet during pregnancy.

Lemon water


Consume plenty of fluids to dilute the high concentrations of sodium in your body. In fact, flavored water is a better beverage option than regular water. Add a few slices of fresh cucumber and lemon to a jar full of water and consume this liquid throughout the day to enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits of these vegetables.


Watermelon is a wonderful diuretic ingredient and can be consumed as a healthy snack to reduce water retention and swelling of the feet.

Coriander seeds


Coriander seeds also offer anti-inflammatory benefits that can help to reduce swelling of the feet. Add 2 teaspoons of coriander seeds to a glass of water and boil this mixture until only half of its original quantity remains in the pan. Strain the liquid and then consume it. For better results, you can repeat this process twice a day.


Massage your feet regularly to improve blood circulation, encourage drainage of excess fluid, relax muscles, and reduce feet swelling.

Elevate the legs


Place your legs on a pillow at an elevated angle or above the level of your heart to significantly reduce swelling of the feet.

Avoid salt

Avoid salty and processed foods as a high intake of salt can increase swelling of the feet.



Do not sit at a place for long hours and try to exercise or walk around a bit to improve blood circulation, subside pain, and relieve swollen feet.

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