Coconut butter is a vegetable source of fat and contains the nutrient that benefits our health in many ways. Read on to know about the 9 health benefits of using coconut butter.

Unlike the regular butter, coconut butter offers many health benefits. It is extracted from the flesh of coconut or coconut meat and is as healthy as the coconut oil. Here are the 9 incredible benefits of using coconut butter.

Weight loss. Surprisingly, even after being a rich source of fat coconut butter helps to shed off extra body weight. It is because coconut butter contains medium chain fatty acids that are used by our body to release energy. This does not mean that you gulp down large quantities of coconut butter, you must use it in moderation to increase your metabolism that will result in burning of more calories than usual.

Immunity. Lauric acid present in coconut butter is beneficial to boost immunity. In fact, it is the second best medium to make your immune system strong, next only to a mother’s milk for any newborn child.

Antimicrobial property. Coconut butter has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties that can fight many infections such as common cold, cold sores, flu, bronchitis, candida infection, etc.

Anti-inflammatory. Medium chain triglycerides present in coconut butter are beneficial in reducing inflammation and can prevent or treat many diseases such as osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, heart problems, diabetes, and other problems related to the gall bladder.

Boosts athletic performance. It is a source of abundant medium chain triglycerides that are rapidly absorbed by the body to release energy. This liberal supply of energy significantly boosts the performance of any person who is engaged in strenuous work or heavy labor such as athletes and people who exercise regularly.

Contains fiber. You will be surprised to read this! Well, it is quite unlikely for butter in any form to be considered a good source of fiber. However, coconut butter has high fiber content that is beneficial to control fluctuating blood glucose level, lowers cholesterol, and maintains regularity of the bowel movement by improving digestion.

Healthy hair. Coconut butter makes the hair shiny and healthy. It acts as a natural moisturizer and helps to prevent dandruff and dryness of scalp. You may also use it as a hair mask to condition your hair and experience a significant reduction in hair damage and get gorgeous looking locks.

Healthy skin. Coconut butter is added to many beauty products as it also exfoliates and moisturizes the skin giving you a soft and smooth experience.

Provides iron. Coconut butter reduces the risk of iron deficiency or anemia that may lead to nausea, fatigue, insomnia, cramps, and dizziness.