Oranges not only add a huge load of good nutrients to the body but also refreshes us to beat the summer heat. Here are five reasons for you to enjoy oranges this season!

Orange is the most popular citrus fruit around the world that is very refreshing and nutritious. Read on to know about 5 incredible health benefits of consuming seasonal oranges.

For eye health. There are studies that reveal many benefits of consuming oranges regularly to improve eye health. People who consume orange regularly are 60% less likely to develop macular degeneration. In fact, eating even 1 orange per week has significant health benefits because of the presence of high flavonoids.

For heart health. There are studies that link regular citrus fruit intake with a lower risk of cardiovascular problems. Nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, and flavonoids present in oranges are associated with a lower risk of stroke and a healthy heart.

For gastrointestinal health. Oranges are high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Both of which reduce constipation and diarrhea. The insoluble fiber present in orange helps to pull the water in the colon and soluble fiber attracts water to help remove excess fluids. This is why physicians’ advice people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to increase their intake of foods high in fiber.

For brain health. In one of the study, it was suggested that consuming orange juice can help to improve cognitive health. However, many nutritionists advice against consuming orange juice as it is high in sugar and low in fiber. The high content of flavonoid is responsible for the improved cognition and consuming a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetable can substantially improve the brain health.

For overall health. It has been known to all of us that vitamin C, which is found in abundance in citrus fruits, is a “power food” that is very beneficial in wound healing and may prevent infections. There are other studies which associate improved the functioning of muscles and reduced post-workout soreness of the body to consumption of high level of vitamin C every day. One medium size orange contains about 100g of vitamin C and in order to help the post-workout muscular health intake of 400mg of vitamin C is required.