Calendula is a beautiful flower that is grown in many parts of the world. Apart from making our gardens appear glorious, calendula can be used as a medicine as well. Read on to know about the 17 health benefits of using calendula.

Not many of us would know that calendula is actually an herbal plant and can be used for homeopathic medicines. Here is a list of 17 surprising health benefits of using this flower.

Prevents premature aging of the skin. It gives the skin deep hydration and heals it from the inside to give us a younger look. It can also be used to treat puffiness under eyes and diaper rash.

Heals wound. It offers anti-inflammatory and regenerative property, which are beneficial against sunburn, rash, minor cuts, insect bites, and chapped lips.

Prevents acne. It offers antibacterial property, which helps to clear out the bacteria growing in the skin pores and prevents acne outbreak.

Heals dry skin. It effectively hydrates the dry skin, treats the rash, removes old scars, and cures injuries and bruises.

For skin infection. It cures fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. It also prevents dermatitis that occurs because of radiation therapy.

Removes dandruff. It hydrates the scalp and gets rid of dandruff.

For hair growth. Its oil can effectively treat damaged scalp and dandruff that can assist in hair growth. It also offers the regenerative property to assist in hair follicle growth to get a thicker mane.

Hair dye. Tea prepared using calendula can be used to highlight hair in blonde or brunette shades.

For oral health. Use calendula tea as a mouth wash and gargle every day with it to treat gingivitis.

For a sore throat. Calendula tea can be used to soothe a sore throat and tonsillitis as it has anti-inflammatory property.

Treats inflammation. It is also beneficial for pain, swelling, hemorrhoids, and genital inflammation.

For digestion. Calendula tea can treat an upset stomach, bladder infection, ulcers, and any disorder related to digestion.

For fever. Calendula tea can bring down the temperature of our body and give relief from fever.

For cancer. Calendula is rich in vitamins and minerals, which is beneficial against cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and weak bones.

For heart. It prevents the cardiac problem, heart blockage, and deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels.

Protects the liver. It cleanses the liver and leads to a healthy life.

For eyes. It is beneficial to treat conjunctivitis and improve overall blood circulation in the body.