9 practical but unknown uses of milk

Here are 9 very practical ways in which milk can be used.

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Read on to know about 9 ways in which milk can be of great help in our day to day life.

Milk is beneficial to us as it not only improves our health with vital nutrients but also by being a solution to our various day to day problems.

To freshen up the frozen fish

You may make the frozen fish taste as good as the one which is freshly caught by placing the frozen fish in ample amount of milk to fully cover it until it thaws.


Boost corn flavor

You may add some powdered milk to the pot of boiling water in which the corn on the cob is boiled. The end product will taste much fresher and sweeter.

Repair chinaware


You may repair the cracked chinaware by using milk. Soak the cracked chinaware in milk until it is completely soaked and then boil it on simmer for about 45 minutes.

To polish silverware

Use some sour milk or prepare a mixture of milk and vinegar to soak the tarnished silver for about half an hour in it. Wash the silverware with some soapy solution to find it shine as good as new.

Soothe sunburns


You may apply little milk paste of one part powdered milk, two parts water, and a pinch of salt to get relief from itchy bug bites and sunburns. However, do not rub this milk paste on the affected area and instead just dab it for the enzymes in milk powder to neutralize the insect venom and relieve the burning pain.

For facial

Mix 2 tablespoons of powdered milk with water enough to make a thick paste and apply this mixture on the face to enjoy a spa facial session at home. You can also enjoy a luxurious milk bath to soften your skin naturally.


For hands

A paste of milk with oatmeal can be used as a great scrub to soften the skin of the hands.


To clean the leather

Dab some milk on your patent leather shoes and purses. Let the milk dry and then buff the article with a soft cloth to make them appear new again.

Removing stains


You may remove ink stains by soaking the stained colored cloths in milk overnight and then wash them with detergent as usual.

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