Do you want to change your eating habits in the hope of losing weight and following a healthy lifestyle? It takes very little to get back in shape: these are the strategies recommended by Australia's most famous nutritionist.

Who doesn't dream of arriving at the beginning of the summer with an impeccable body? Just a shame that when we talk about changing our eating habits, not everyone knows what the most effective strategies are for achieving optimal results. Whether you want to lose weight or you want to make healthier choices, it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is to start thinking like a person in perfect shape, so as to get long-term benefits. Susie Burrell, one of Australia's most famous nutritionists, who is considered a real leader in terms of diet and who explained what things to do to improve her eating habits: here are her recommendations.

1. Writing a food diary

According to the Australian nutritionist, to keep your weight under control you must always be aware of how much you are eating and moving. The best thing is therefore to write a real food diary on which to write down your daily activities and the physical changes that have been achieved, in doing so you can be more responsible when it comes to diet and training.

2. Do not establish extremely tight limits

Although traditional diets require the elimination of all foods that endanger one's health, Susie Burrell believes that one should not be subjected to excessive restrictions. The reason is very simple: the restrictions have a strange psychological effect and push the person to covet the food from which he or she is trying to abstain. One inevitably tends to give in to temptations easily, letting oneself go to binge eating. To avoid this happening, it is advisable to indulge in a little sin of gluttony every so often, so as not to feel excessively under pressure.

3. Eliminate temptations from your kitchen

One of the most effective remedies for changing your eating habits is to eliminate everything that could “tempt” you from the kitchen. Whether they are cakes, taralli, biscuits or other products that you don't know how to resist, it doesn't matter, only when you don't have them in your house you won't eat and your figure will thank you.

4. Outline a food plan

To be successful, every time we talk about diet it is necessary to outline a specific food plan. This way you will avoid swallowing the first things you see, such as excessively fatty foods, and you will keep under control everything you eat from breakfast to dinner.

5. Don't lose your own consistency 

 Who has never stopped a diet during the Christmas season or on a special occasion like a birthday? People who really want to change their eating habits must respect their plans and cannot take "free days" to let themselves go to binge eating: consistency is the key to success.