There is a large variety of Easter candy out on sale, with the Russell Stover brand being one of the most popular. If they weren't already your best candy manufacturer, this new product of theirs might win your heart.

The company has released its new chocolate bunny just in time for the Easter season. What is, however, most remarkable about this candy is that it comes with a Jif peanut butter dipping!

What makes this a notable feature is that unlike the average Easter chocolate candy that is filled with peanut butter, buyers get to determine the amount of peanut butter they want to consume with the chocolate.

Similarly, if you are not a big fan of consuming the peanut butter and chocolate combo, you can just eat the chocolate! Genius!

The Dip-It Rabbit, which is made from classic Russell Stover milk chocolate, is paired with a creamy cup of Jif peanut butter for consumption right on the go.

This product is available for sale on trendy online stores as well as on the official Russell Stover website. As at the time of this article, the price of the product varies on different platforms.

On the official Russell stover site, it costs $4.99 while it sells at a higher price on Amazon and a few other platforms. The cheapest it comes is on Target where it costs about $4.

Because it is of a unique innovation from one of the most famous chocolate brands, this product comes relatively affordable. So before it gets even more pricey, grab yours!

Image credits: Russell Stover official website and Facebook Page