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Aldi Increases The Pay Of Their Workers Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

The grocery store has been making many changes to their daily operation to help their customers stay safe while shopping. They are, however, taking things a step further by considering the welfare of their workers. So, they have given all of their employees who work in the stores and warehouses a temporary raise to help them cope with the pandemic.

By Cookist

The famous grocery chain has been making significant changes to help keep their staff as well as customers safe at all times.

For the vulnerable population or anyone that would rather stay home than come to the store, they have started a new delivery system that delivers supplies to the homes of their customers via Instacart.

For the few that don't mind coming to shop in the stores, Aldi has created numerous safety measures to help prevent the spread of the virus.

They are also showing support for the brave people that come in daily to ensure the business keeps running like the shop attendants and others – that includes their warehouse workers!

As if this wasn't already thoughtful enough, the company made significant changes to its sick leave policy to make sure that employees can put their health first, and stay home when they aren't feeling well.

At this time, when everyone seems unsure of the future, there is nothing more inspiring than hearing about such thoughtful and supportive initiatives.

Kudos to Aldi!

Much like most other stores, the pandemic has dealt Aldi a mild blow with some of their normal operations made impossible or even seemingly delayed.

However, it is admirable to see that they are putting the health and safety of their workers as well as customers as the most important right now.

They are not the first to make sure h changes in line with the pandemic; other stores are doing so too, and it can only be hoped that many more take the initiative.

Remember, flatten the curve, stay safe! 

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