Guy Fieri Raised Over $20 Million Financial Aid For Restaurant Workers Amid Pandemic

Guy Fieri is a well-known restaurateur and one with a big heart too. As the coronavirus pandemic dealt the restaurant industry a big blow, Fieri launched an initiative to help restaurant workers that have been forced to leave work and so became financially handicapped. So far, Fieri has raised well over $20 million through this initiative to help over 40,000 such workers!

By Cookist

Early May, Fieri happily announced the achievement of the charity initiative, the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, which helped restaurant employees lose their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The celebrity chef joined hands with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation to launch the relief fund. The initiative worked to provide a $500 check to every such worker.

The amount could be used toward any bills or loans based on the individual's personal preference.

In a recent update as regards the ongoing charity program, Fieri shared that they have made great progress, having raised a total of $21.5 million already and that they have been able to award 40,000 of these checks to restaurant employees in just less than two months.

He further shared that to make sure the initiative was well-funded, he started sending "personalized invitations" to established CEOs in the food and restaurant industry asking for donations.

However, raising over $20 million is not the limit for Fieri, who is still hard at work searching for funds to continue helping laid-off restaurant workers.

Thus his collaboration with Igloo on a unique Flavortown cooler; all profits from the new partnership will be going to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

How cool is that!?

Although state governments are starting to reintroduce normalcy to the economy gradually, there is no forgetting the good works of kindhearted celebrities like Fieri, who worked hard to help others during the tough times!

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