Enjoying a three-course meal at a college canteen is truly a luxury that not many can afford. While a lot of it is right because of the limited food options on the canteen menu, rest cannot enjoy it because of the perpetual cash crunch during their student life. A recent venture by the famous rock band has made eating fancy quite available for the college crowd. In the newly proposed dining option, students either volunteer to work or pay forward for a three-course meal. Read on to know more about it!

JBJ Soul Kitchen is a concept food outlet by the veteran rock star Jon Bon Jovi that has been opened at the Rutgers University, Newark. Based on one of the most innovative concepts, customers here can savor a three-course meal by paying money the regular way or volunteering to labor at this unit for a specific period, besides opting to pre-pay for their next meal.

This is the first outlet by this chain at any college campus, and it is of significant help to the students studying here, mainly because a majority of the students studying here belong to low-income families. Apart from that, many students at Rutgers comes from a family set-up where they are the first in their families who are attending college.

This college aims to provide delicious, nutritious, yet affordable meals to its students. So, by giving access to these students from not-so-fortunate background to enjoy a full meal, this college is taking the concept of developing human lives to another level.

Food served here is primarily prepared from locally sourced ingredients. The three-course menu includes an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Dishes like soul spiced bar-be-que pulled beef, maple roasted chicken, soul spiced short rib, and coffee is available here. On can also enjoy vegan and gluten-free food options here.

Rutgers also runs a food insecurity program at its campus. Coming back to the JBJ Soul Kitchen, the concept here is very simple; customers are asked to pay $12 for a meal. They can also pay a bit more (the pay-it-forward option) so that a part of the bill is already paid to this restaurant the next time they visit to eat here.

An alternate option to pay for the meal is to volunteer for some work at the restaurant. This way, they can even work off the payment. It is also beneficial for people of both extremes of the community: the ones facing food insecurity, those who end up leaving a tip of $50, and all those in between. And, not to forget that it is gourmet food that we are talking about here.

Regarding volunteer jobs, students are assigned quite basic tasks like sorting silverware, folding napkins, preparing tables, etc. However, repeated volunteers may land up elaborate jobs depending upon their abilities and interests.

Another great thing about this place is that people from the surrounding community are allowed to eat here, including people in business and those working at the courthouse. This intermingling of people from different domains of life will undoubtedly enrich the life experiences and aptitude of the students as by doing this, they will get a chance to know about the practicality of their subjects and studies. Rutgers has partnered with many organizations to encourage them to hold their lunch meetings there.

The connection of students with the professionals will increase their chances of landing up a summer internship or even jobs at the places of their choice. After all, every college aims to have all its students placed in good positions, so they have a great future!