• whiskey 2 oz
  • Vermouth 1 oz
  • Angostura 2 dashes
  • Cherry 1

The Manhattan is a whiskey-based cocktail and is a classic drink that requires very few ingredients. According to a legend, it was invented during a banquet at the Manhattan Club in New York in 1874 thanks to the fervent imagination of Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill's mother who loved to prepare spirits for her guests.

The Manhattan is one of the most famous cocktails in the world and can be served as an aperitif or for a quiet and informal after dinner with friends.

How to make The Classic Whiskey-based Manhattan Cocktail

Put some ice in a glass and add two drops of angostura.

Pour in the whiskey and red vermouth and mix well but gently. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Tips and variations

The original Manhattan was made with rye whiskey but, over the years, with the disappearance of this ingredient from the trade it has been replaced with the more common Canadian whiskey. Today, with the return to the market of Rye Whiskey, it is again the main ingredient of this cocktail but it is also possible to order a Bourbon Manhattan or other variations according to your tastes. Many note a similarity to Martini due to the presence of a basic distillate combined with vermouth, with the difference that the Manhattan uses sweet vermouth instead of dry one but, even in this case, the choice of the right ingredients depends on the taste of every drinker.

Cherry is the final touch that can be given to this cocktail but lemon or orange peel is fine too. If you choose cherries, opt for maraschino.

The Manhattan is a very strong cocktail that has an alcohol content of 30 ° because it is made with two very alcoholic drinks but it is possible to lighten it by replacing the whiskey brandy, in the case of the Manhattan Brandy, or by using the Grand Marnier.

Manhattan Cocktail at the cinema and in TV series

In the entertainment world, Manhattan is a very popular drink and, for this reason, it is represented in many TV series and films: Karen of "Will and Grace" loves it, in the "Simpsons" Bart is pardoned by the Springfield mafia because he manages to prepare a great Manhattan and in Billy Wilder's "Some Like It Hot" bourbon is used instead of whiskey.