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Burger King Now Offers Free Kids Meals When Customers Order Online

COVID-19 is still in full onslaught across the globe. The most effective methods of curbing the spread of the disease are social distancing and proper hand hygiene. To help people practice the former and also prevent hunger, American fast-food chain, Burger King is offering extra kid-size meals along with online and mobile orders.

By Cookist

The government has widely advised that people stay indoors for as long as possible to prevent getting infected and spreading the virus.

Thus, the initiative that social sites like amusement parks be shut down and restaurants limited to food deliveries and take-outs.

One such restaurant is America's Burger King that has publicly endorsed social distancing even when ordering food. Now, they are taking things a step further by attaching meal freebies to every order made online.

This is to help families with children that would normally eat lunch in their various schools. This is to prevent shortcomings in multiple homes, as many people now rely on food stocked in their homes to stay alive during self-quarantine.

So, when you purchase an adult meal from Burger King, you will get two free kids' meals. The offer is, however, only limited to customers that purchase through mobile and online ordering services.

Ordering food through Burger King has also been made easier through the creation of an app. To encourage its use, the company offers free delivery for customers that order through it.
All of these are to help people stay in their homes, and so limit the spread of the coronavirus. Via Twitter, the company admonished the public to use minimum contact while making purchases.

They wrote:

"We're thinking about you. We believe restaurants will have an increasingly essential role in feeding our country. So whether you're ordering at BK or elsewhere, use minimum contact methods like drive-thrus, pick-up or delivery. Take care."

Burger King is not the first to encourage such, but they should still be praised for their charity and thoughtful initiative.

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