Deep Fried Chicken Wings: the Quickest and Easiest Recipe to Make them Extra Crispy!

Total time: 35 min.
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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Fried chicken wings are one of the most loved and well-known American street foods, perfect to enjoy as a second course for a dinner that will win over adults and children alike. Perfect to snack on while watching the Super Bowl game, these chicken wings, just like those of the most famous fast food chains, are coated in a double breading, flavored with spices and herbs, fried in boiling seed oil and then accompanied with tasty sauces in which you can dip them.

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, it will be impossible to resist their goodness. You can also serve them as a delicious appetizer or for an aperitif with friends, and accompany them with a fresh and crunchy salad or the classic French fries. Buy fresh chicken wings from your trusted butcher or grocery store, avoiding frozen ones which would release too much water, ruining the frying process.

You can enrich the breading with your favorite spices and dried herbs; you can also add a mix of seeds such as sesame, flax and poppy. You can marinate the chicken wings in milk, orange juice, white wine or beer for a few hours before breading them: this way they will be even more tender and juicy. Once fried, dip them in an homemade mayonnaise or ketchup sauce.

To prepare for Super Bowl Sunday, in the right Super Chicken Wing Day spirit, come find out how to prepare fried chicken wings by following our recipe step by step.

Chicken Wings
Flour 0
as much as you need
Sweet paprika
as much as you need
Dried parsley
as much as you need
Garlic powder
1 pinch
Peanut seed oil
as much as you need
as much as you need
as much as you need

How to Make Fried Chicken Wings

Clean the chicken wings using a couple of wet paper sheets, making sure that there's nothing clinging to the skin, no residues or anything.

Pat them dry thoroughly with absorbent kitchen paper. Keep them aside as you prepare the breading.

Beat the eggs in a small bowl together with a pinch of salt and pepper.

In another bowl, mix the flour with the sweet paprika, the dried parsley, salt, the pinch of garlic powder and pepper, using a fork.

Dredge the chicken wings in the flour for a first time.

Press lightly with your hands to make the mixture adhere well to the chicken skin.

Then, dip the chicken wings into the bowl with the beaten eggs.

Leave the chicken wings to soak inside the egg for about 1-2 minutes, so that the breading absorbs the liquid eggs well.

Then, take the chicken wings and proceed with the second breading, passing them into the flavored flour again.

Continue until all the chicken wings are completed and breaded for a second time.

Fry the chicken wings in plenty of boiling vegetable oil, until they are golden brown on all sides.

Drain the friend chicken wings on absorbent kitchen paper and wait for them to cool down a bit before seasoning with salt and pepper.

Serve them with dipping sauces of your choice and enjoy them while watching the Super Bowl game!

How to Store Deep Friend Chicken Wings

Chicken wings should be enjoyed while moderately hot and freshly fried. Any type of storage is highly not recommended.

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