Lupin beans, rich in protein, could be used in the future to fight diabetes: recent tests have shown their ability to regulate blood glucose.

Lupin beans are full of resources. In addition to being a tasty food rich in protein, lupin beans are a natural weapon against diabetes because they can regulate blood glucose levels. This thing was discovered by some researchers of the University of Curtin who have analyzed the behavior of this product in laboratory. Specifically, scientists have observed the effects of lupin beans extract on glucose and here's what they discovered.

“Powdered” lupin beans. To understand the effects of lupin beans on blood glucose, and therefore on diabetes, the researchers literally reduced them to powder. The extract obtained was used in the laboratory and the tests carried out showed that it is able to stimulate the secretion of insulin in the cells.

Lupin beans and yogurt. But there is more. If mixed with drinks or yogurt products to be taken before meals, this extract can be a good regulator of blood glucose reducing the peaks that can be measured at the end of a meal and that, for those suffering from diabetes, can be very dangerous: in fact, when diabetes progresses, the glucose peaks get higher and higher and the return to a normal condition is always slower.


Glucose and diabetes. Gamma-conglutin, one of the proteins of lupin beans that in small doses reduces blood sugar, is responsible for this regulatory effect.

Future tests. Now that the laboratory tests have determined this effect of the lupin beans, which is more effective than the drugs currently used, it only remains to start the experimentation on men and, according to scientists, it will start soon, maybe in the next two or three years.

Lupin beans, what are they? Their real name is Lupinus albus and they are particularly rich in protein, which is why they are often the protagonists of vegetarian and vegan diets