Who has never been overwhelmed by the desire to eat chocolate, desserts or crisps? Similar symptoms should not be underestimated since they can hide the lack of certain nutrients within the body. Here's how to "decode" your own cravings.

Have you ever been struck by the irresistible craving for chocolate, sweet food or fried food? If until today you have always thought that it was the consequences of the deprivations that you undergo when you are on a diet, from today you will change your mind. They could be important signals that your body sends you to make you understand that your body misses some precious nutrients, essential for feeling healthy. Here are the tips to "decode" your cravings.

Sweet foods

When you desire cakes, cookies, ice creams or any food with high amounts of sugar, it means that magnesium, chromium and water are missing. To placate this desire, without putting a strain on one's own figure, it is necessary to eat great quantities of fruit. Bananas, kiwis, apples or pears: all is well to keep the blood sugar level stable.


It happens to everyone that sometimes you want to eat an entire box of chocolate, but not everyone knows that it is indicative of a lack of magnesium and B vitamin. To bring back the values of your body to normal, you can opt for dark chocolate bars or for simple sunflower seeds.


Savory foods 

The desire for savory foods such as crisps, popcorn and various snacks often indicates a lack of fiber, electrolytes and water. However, the best thing is to forget foods with high levels of salt, which will have irreversible repercussions on the cardiovascular system, and instead opt for vegetables that are definitely healthier.


In low-carbohydrates diets, it may happen that you miss the bread. In cases like these, it means that your body is affected by the lack of fiber, energy and glucose. To avoid gaining weight, you can replace bread with dried fruit.

Fried foods

What's better than frying a food to make it tastier? Whenever you are struck by an irrepressible desire for fried foods, you should not surrender to this craving. It is probably a symptom of the lack of healthy fats and calcium in your body. To remedy, just eat an avocado and in the blink of an eye you will feel better.

Chocolate – magnesium, b vitamin – sunflower seeds

Sweet foods – magnesium, chromium, water – fruits

Bread – fibers, energy, glucose – dried fruits

Savory foods – fibers, electrolytes, water – vegetables

Fried foods – good fats, calcium – avocado