Ghee butter is the clarified butter used in Indian and Asian cuisine and it has incredible benefits on your figure. Just consume one teaspoon of ghee butter each morning to lose weight quickly.
Do you want to lose weight quickly but you do not intend to give up the pleasures of the good food? The secret is to consume some butter every morning. Be careful, however, you have to choose the ghee butter that is the clarified butter used in Indian and Asian cuisine. The reason? It is devoid of water, and it does not contain any protein component, even if it has a concrete fat content higher than the classic butter.

Apparently it may seem to be very caloric compared to the normal butter, but in truth it possesses powerful and antioxidant vitamins, such as K2 and conjugated linoleic acid, which allows to keep the intestine healthy and to lose weight easily. Ghee butter is also used by stars, first of all Kourtney Kardashian who eats a teaspoon of it every morning. It was Kim's own sister who declared that this particular variety of butter tastes like hazelnut, for example she spreads it on toast before soaking it in a cup of milk. This ingredient is able to strengthen the immune system, to hydrate the skin, to grow hair and to nourish the nervous system.

In short, it seems that starting the day with ghee butter is a valid alternative to the classic glass of water and lemon, essential to start the metabolism and keep fit. The important thing is not to exaggerate with the doses since it always contains high amounts of fat that, in the long run, can damage health. It is precisely for this reason that your intake should not exceed the prescribed limit of fat consumption.