Fans Get Excited As Krispy Kreme’s Re-Introduces Strawberry Glazed Donuts

If you loved Krispy Kreme's strawberry glazed doughnuts last year, then this is good news for you. Due to popular demand, the famous confectionery is bringing back the special strawberry glaze for spring! Unfortunately, the special doughnuts will only be on the market for a limited time, so check out more information about the offer below and be ready to whip out your purses.

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Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's is known far and wide for their signature glazed doughnuts, but even more so for their occasional modifications of the glaze recipe. The modifications have come in the form of different flavors and colors, and they always leave fans giddy with excitement.

Most recently, the company blessed fans with a special Oreo cookie glaze that created the perfect mesh of cookies and doughnuts in every bite.

However, the company's most popular glaze yet may be the strawberry glaze. During its maiden release in 2020, this glaze stole the hearts of many fans creating what many termed, the "glaze daze."

According to reports, the special glaze will return to the US on Monday, April 26. The return of the fruit-based glaze is said to be the company's way of being attentive to their customer's needs.

During a press release, Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena said:

"Last year, fans couldn’t get enough of Strawberry Glaze and have been asking for it to come back ever since. So, we’re bringing it back. Hurry in and enjoy!"

Most interestingly, the strawberry glaze will be available in two different donut options:

  • a simple strawberry glazed donut that replaces the original glaze with the fresh strawberry flavor.
  • the Strawberry Kreme Filled Donut which features the strawberry glaze on the outside and Strawberry Kreme filling on the inside.

It almost sounds too good to be true!

If you'd love to enjoy this fruity glaze, be sure to keep an eye on Krispy Kreme's outlets around you as this product will only be available for a limited time.

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