Many times in our life we may encounter physical discomfort and pain. Read on to know how to manage situations like these without falling prey to narcotics.

Majority of the population today complains of a headache, backache and joint pain. This could be because of the lifestyle we lead, side effects of technology, or various other underlying problems. Read on to know how consuming few varieties of food products can strengthen your body and ease away the persistent pain.

  • Peanut butter. It is rich in magnesium that is helpful to relax muscles and has an analgesic effect on the body. Deficiency of magnesium may encourage the body to produce the substance P that is a chemical linked to an increased feeling of pain. Peanut butter contains resveratrol that eases the arthritic joint pain by decreasing inflammation and protecting cartilage.
  • Ginger. Fresh ginger is helpful to block the production of an enzyme that results in inflammation thereby resulting in pain relief. In one of the study, it was reported that ginger extract is helpful to reduce soreness in chronic knee pain.
  • Soy products such as tofu and tempeh are rich in isoflavones that has an anti inflammatory effect. According to a study, people with arthritis reported a significant reduction of osteoarthritis symptoms on taking 40g of soy proteins daily for 3 months.
  • Coffee. It improves athletic performance as it reduces muscular pain after working out. Coffee is also helpful to relieve migraine pain and enhances the effect of pain relievers such as ibuprofen.
  • Extra virgin olive oil. It contains oleocanthal, which is an anti inflammatory compound that has a similar action to that of NSAIDs or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs.
  • Pineapple. It has a rich quantity of bromelain that is an enzyme used to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Pineapple is especially helpful in pain relief and inflammation after oral surgeries.
  • Cherries. These bright color fruits are a rich source of anthocyanins that are anti oxidant compounds and are helpful to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Wild salmon. This marine animal is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid that is beneficial to reduce inflammation and pain. According to a study, people with neck and back pain who consumed 2400mg of omega 3 fatty acids along with NSAIDs for two weeks reported a reduction in the pain and more than half of the study population stopped consuming NSAIDs.
  • Hot peppers. These fiery chills contain capsaicin that is a compound used topically to relieve joint pain and arthritis pain. According to many studies, capsaicin consumption may result in relieving discomfort by blocking the pain signals to the brain. Pepper contains a compound called piperine that significantly increases the bio availability of another powerful anti oxidant compound called curcumin.
  • Curry powder. It contains curcumin that has a powerful anti inflammatory effect, much like ginger.