Fertility, or the ability to conceive a child and reproduce, is not only linked to the health of one's genitals but also to the lifestyle one leads and the diet one follows. Respecting a healthy and regular diet is the ideal remedy not only for promoting pregnancy but also for allowing the fetus to develop correctly. Few, however, know that fresh fish is not only an aphrodisiac but also one of the main allies of conception: this is why it is useful to consume it when you want to have a child.

Why does eating fish help to conceive?

According to a research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, eating fish often is a good habit capable of stimulating fertility, increasing the chances of conception. In particular, the eating habits of 500 couples in search of children were kept under control and the results were clear: 92% of those who ate fish more than twice a week not only had more frequent sexual intercourse but also managed to obtain a positive pregnancy test by the end of the year. Fish and seafood would be the ideal foods to improve one's ability to conceive, since they contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, all substances that are useful to stimulate fertility. However, be careful that the products are fresh, of great quality and with declared origin since they could be contaminated with toxic substances that contrast the benefits.

Diet to fight female infertility


More and more people find themselves facing problems of infertility, and there are many causes for this. An important role is that of nutrition, which can influence the gynecological health of a woman, favoring or not the beginning of a pregnancy. Having a normal weight is the ideal condition for all those who want to have a child but it would also be good to follow a specific diet, in order to avoid the risk of infertility. It is necessary to consume foods rich in iron such as red meat and milk, and proteins of vegetable origin such as legumes, bread, pasta and rice but also vitamins such as fish.

The meat should not be eaten more than 5 days a week and it should be alternated with fish, legumes and vegetables, seasoning everything with raw olive oil and completing the meals with a fruit. It is advisable to pay attention to the excessive consumption of skimmed milk, yogurt and ice cream but also of saturated fats, contained in products such as butter and lard. In short, all those who dream of expanding their family would do well to change their eating habits by switching to a "pink diet".