Gin Fizz Cocktail: the easy and quick recipe of the classic cocktail

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 2 people
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fresh squeezed lemon juice
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Sugar syrup
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Gin Fizz is the most famous cocktail of the "Fizz" family, which literally means sparkling and includes also Gin Tonic and Gin lemon. It is a long drink made of gin, lemon juice, soda and sugar syrup, and served in a high tumbler or highball filled with ice. It is a very refreshing drink, perfect to serve after dinner.

This is one of the oldest cocktails in the history of mixology. The drink, in fact, was included among the recipes of the famous Jerry Thomas's Bartender's Guide, considered as the "Bible" of drinks, whose first publication dates back to 1862. According to a legend, even Admiral Nelson loved this cocktail and he recommended it as an antidote against the spreading of scurvy on ships. Starting from 1920, Gin Fizz became very popular and it is still so today. Here's how to prepare it.

How to make Gin Fizz

Squeeze the lemon juice and strain it. Pour it into the shaker with ice, gin and sugar syrup.

Shake for a few seconds and pour into a tall tumbler filled with ice.

Top with the soda and garnish with a slice of lemon. Serve and enjoy!


– For the success of your Gin Fizz, it is important to use an excellent quality distillate, as it must be combined with two simple ingredients such as lemon juice and sugar.

– Once ready, you can also garnish the Gin Fizz with a slice of orange or with a cocktail cherry, instead of the lemon slice.

– Gin Fizz is a light cocktail, so pair it with pasta, fish dishes and finger food like canapés. Avoid rich recipes.

Gin Fizz Variants

The most famous variant of Gin Fizz is Ramos Gin Fizz, which is part of the official list of IBA cocktails. Unlike the original recipe, it uses egg whites, fresh cream, rose flower water and vanilla extract.

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