When you see the words healthy eating, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is eating vegetables, counting calories and avoiding indulgent dishes. But you must know that there isn't just one way to define healthy eating.

For people with particular health conditions like diabetes, healthy eating means rationing portions and avoiding foods that may aggravate their condition. However, for many others that are on a weight loss plan, healthy eating might mean eating balanced diets and avoiding calorie-laden meals, while some don't mind the extra snack every few days.

These variations are what make healthy eating human. In other words, although healthy eating might be challenging, you must understand that there is no strict rule to practise the lifestyle.

Never let healthy eating deprive you of the joy of enjoying your favourite meals. Here are a few tips that'll help better your approach to the phenomenon even while doing the best for your physical health:

1. Healthy eating is more than giving your body the nutrients it requires to function. It's also about how the food makes you feel; do you feel satisfied? Did you enjoy the meal? If you can't answer those questions boldly, then you're not doing it right.

2. Balance is key. You don't have to do everything by the book. Make your routine flexible; stop worrying about the calories and make sure you have considerable portions from all food groups on your plate. That also means that you can enjoy your favourite sweets, fast food, and desserts in moderation and without feeling guilty!

3. Get creative — and organized! Pre-planned meal preps will help you make the best food choices each day. Doing this simplifies the decision-making required and makes you worry less.

4. Always keep fruits within arm's reach. Fruits are enjoyable, filling and hydrating, so you'll be enjoying the perfect snack every time the urge to eat arises during the day.


You don't have to follow strict rules for healthy eating; this will only make it feel like punishment. Instead, remember that one meal doesn't define your habits. It's your overall food choices that matter.