Here’s The Real Reason Jennifer Aniston Has Stopped Avoiding Carbs

Jennifer Aniston is a famous face in Hollywood and like most other celebrities, she is a wonderful sight to behold thanks to her youthful looks. A new revelation from the actress regarding her diet left fans surprised — and undoubtedly thrilled — as she relays that she now consumes this particular food item guilt-free!

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By Cookist

Celebrities are the best influencers when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss regimes. There's no doubt that you have seeked your favourite stars' beauty secrets.

For Jennifer Aniston, that includes getting her carbs in and that was a huge surprise as the entertainer formerly followed a low-carb diet. Aniston's recent disclosure seems to back what many health experts have tried to make people understand – that strict diets can do more harm than good.

A low-carb diet can help you tackle health concerns or promote weight loss. It is certain that one of these is why Aniston stuck to a low-carb diet but she has made a new decision to stop being afraid of the bread basket.

In a recent interview, the "Friends" actress disclosed that she now consumes carbs in moderation and even touched on the sensitive subject of depriving one's body of things simply because society has deemed them, good or bad.


Indeed, people rarely talk about important factors like moderation and portion control when it comes to healthy eating. But like Aniston suggested, nutritionists have always promoted consumption of carbs – in moderation – as they are important to fuel everyday activities.


Don't be swayed by trendy diet plans, do proper research and seek professional help before starting any diet. Finding what works best for you will reward you in the long run. Also, always remember that portion control, and generally being mindful about moderation is important.

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